Why Parallel Password Recovery?

Local and Distributed versions

There are two key versions: local version which can be used by home user as well and distributed version for LAN and Internet. Local version can take advantage of home PCs up to 4 processors/cores. Distributed version is more professional one with possibility of unlimited clients connections.

Password Definition Language

It is the most important innovative feature of Parallel Password Recovery suite. It supports all well-known standard attacks (such as brute force, dictionary, misspelled password recovery etc) and also allows users to make their own attack types. PDL language is extremely efficient if user remembers any information about a forgotten password (for example, the password consists of two words separated by a special sign or has some digits at the end).

Parallel computing

Any of versions efficiently vectorize a password recovery process as on physical processors/cores so on distributed workstations. Any of PDL rules are easily vectorized.

Application independence

Parallel Password Recovery software may support any application with password protection such as archivers, office files, databases. The list of currently supported programs is increasing permanently.


User may add new password recovery modules by purchasing DLL-file which supports required application without re-installing the previous software.


The password recovery modules are highly optimized for modern processors, like Core 2 and Athlon architecture.